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Landscape Mulch & Compost


Quality Mulch & Compost For Sale

When it comes to your mulch needs, you know you'll always get consistent quality, prompt, and courteous service, and always accurate yardage when you rely on Deering Tree Service. We offer a variety of mulch for sale that is available for either pickup or delivery. Mulch is not only used to improve aesthetics of your landscape, but it is also a health benefit to your trees and plants. Mulching the soil surface with organic mulch has many beneficial effects. Mulch will hold moisture in the ground and in the root zone. It will reduce surface compaction and crusting, improving water infiltration. Soil erosion is reduced, weed competition is decreased, and temperature fluctuations are moderated. Mulch constantly breaks down into minerals and nutrients. During this process, organic activity will occur and soil structure will be improved.

Types Of Landscape Mulch Available
  • Premium Shredded Hardwood 
  • Premium Red Pine Bark
  • Pine Bark Fines
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Landscape Hardwood Chips
  • Beach Sand
  • Color Enhanced Mulch (Black, Brown, Gold, or Red)
  • Compost
  • Planting Soil - 50/50 Mix of Compost & Topsoil

Delivery Yardages
  • Straight Truck (5 - 30 Yards)
  • Lead Dump Trailer (31 - 75 Yards)
  • Walking Floor (76 - 150 Yards)

Minimum Delivery Charge:  $125.00

*Please Contact Our Office For Wholesale Pricing*